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Swimmers headed to state

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Having struggled to overtake Byron Nelson at the district meet and finishing second, the boys swim team never gave up and came out ahead in the most important meet of the year at regional’s held at the Keller ISD Natatorium.

The team qualified for state in four events including the 200 freestyle and 200 medley relays. The relay teams consist of senior Hunter Klein, juniors Cody Knapp and Anthony Milbitz and sophomore DJ Lang. Two freshmen Andy and Kevin Ye are also on the squad. Individually Knapp qualified in the 100 breast stroke and Lang in the 100 free. Last year only the 200 medley reached Austin, where this year’s meet will be held on Feb. 24-25.

“I’m looking forward seeing the guys re-break their relay records”- Coach Robin Hay said. “Our goal is for each swimmer to do their best.”

Here’s a short fun bio on each swimmer:

Anthony Milbitz: Transferring into a public school in his sophomore year, this backstroker instantly caught the attention of several of his female class mates. Milbitz plays violin in the school orchestra, as well as the piano. He recently broke his 100 backstroke school record, as well as the district record at the 2012 regional meet.

Cody Knapp: Coming to DHS his sophomore year from Pilot Point, this all class procrastinator succeeded in finding friends immediately. Knapp enjoys playing Magic the Gathering and is in constant pursuit of building the ‘perfect’ deck. He recently reset his 100 breaststroke school and district records this year at the 2012 regional meet.

DJ Lang: This A student becomes a fish when he hits the water. DJ swims every day, for school and club. His pastimes include playing Skyrim and the violin. DJ recently broke his 200 freestyle record at the 2012 regional meet in Keller; he looks forward to receiving his sectionals cut at the state meet in Austin.

Hunter Klein:  Being at DHS for all four years, this senior enjoys playing pranks on his fellow newspaper staff, as well as showing his sarcasm at every chance. Hunter plans on attending college for swimming and water polo at either Iona or Notre Dame College. He’s the captain of the Denton Water Polo team and looks forward to two state appearances this year.

Andy and Kevin Ye: These two freshmen are two peas from the same pod; Andy enjoys ROTC, while Kevin is in orchestra. They both enjoy playing the piano as well as Mindcraft. The twins will accompany the state relays to Austin as alternates, and entertainment. “Honestly I don’t know where we’d be without the two’s jokes”-says senior Hunter Klein.

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