Two sign with McPherson College


Dixon is seen signing with McPherson College

“It was one of the best moments of my life,” senior Erik Dixon said.

Wednesday Dixon and fellow senior football player Charles Boosa signed their letters of intent to play collegiately. Both signed with McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas.

“Just being able to play college football, getting another four years of what I love doing, having everyone there,” Dixon said. “I love the coaches, and my brothers were there watching me. It made my day.”

Dixon, a defensive end, recorded 47 tackles and a forced fumble for the Broncos his senior year. Boosa, a linebacker, recorded 56 tackles including one sack.

“They’ve got a business program that I’m interested in,” Dixon said. “And their head coach is a really nice guy. He’s been in contact with me for about a month now.”

Boosa turned 18 years old on Wednesday as well.

“Signing on my birthday was just great,” Boosa said. “[McPherson] is a nice campus, kind of small, but I still get to play football, so that’s good.”

Dixon and Boosa are the only two student-athletes at Denton High to sign their letters of intent.

“I’m really happy for them,” head coach Kevin Atkinson said. “Of course, it’s every kid’s dream to sign a letter of intent to play college football. I think it’s a testament to what they’ve done in practice, in the academic arena, overcoming different obstacles along the way that could’ve derailed them; and they ended up doing really good.”

Atkinson says that for his two players to have an opportunity to play college football is an excellent way for them to earn a college degree.

“I think they’ll do really well,” Atkinson said. “It’s always important to get an education, and I think athletics is a great way to do that.”