German Students take test, earn honors, prizes

Last month 22 students participated in the National German Exam. Their scores were compared to other schools around country and 13 came away with awards. The following students will be receiving medals, certificates and some prizes from the German, Austrian and Swiss governments.

Logan Maltz had the 2nd highest score in the state on his exam and would have qualified to win a study trip to German for the summer; however, as he already won the trip during his sophomore year, he was not eligible to win.


Name Level Award
Logan Maltz 4 Goldurkunde
John Halbert 4 Silberurkunde
Eleanor Halbert 2 Silberurkunde
Ian Eberhard-mattes 2 Silberurkunde
Kat Ricardo 3 Bronzeurkunde
TJ Akram 2 Bronzeurkunde
Aiden Dalrymple 2 Bronzeurkunde
Safe Mustafa 2 Bronzeurkunde
Ethan Reynolds 3 Hochleistung
Lupita Montoya 3 Hochleistung
Daniel Dean 4 Hochleistung
Joshua Dupree 4 Hochleistung
Tanyon Oldham 4 Hochleistung


*Hochleistung = High Achievement – top 25 percent


Information provided by German Teacher Sandra Dieckman