Derek Baker


Most high school students have a lot of free time outside of school, unless they are occupied with sports. Rarely do you ever hear a student talk about how they have to go home and study, but Senior Derek Baker is a straight A student, captain of the bowling team, and is the most sociable person you’ll ever meet.

“I rarely have any time to do anything in my spare time,” Baker said. “I’m usually studying or doing something that involves bowling with my team.”

Bowling isn’t what draws crowds on a Friday night, and it doesn’t have random people walking up to you congratulating you on your performance. It doesn’t go in the newspaper every week either which means it doesn’t get a lot of recognition.

“I love bowling for the school,” Baker said. “Last year we almost went to state, so I’m excited to bowl again with my team and see how far we can go this year.”

Baker also thinks that school is relatively easy as he sports a 4.0 GPA and has taken all Pre AP classes throughout his high school lifetime.

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I love bowling for the school. Last year we almost went to state, so I’m excited to bowl again with my team and see how far we can go this year,”

— Derek Baker

“School is isn’t hard at all, because really all you have to do is pay attention,” Baker said. “When I don’t start paying attention, I start to get lost and confused.”

Although shy at times, Baker loves to meet new people, and become friends with almost anybody.

“I just like talking to people and having conversations with people that I don’t know because I love making friends,” Baker said. “I’m really good at making friends because I’m a very sociable person.”

A piece of advice from his dad is what really keeps Bakers head on straight, and really has him enjoying life at an all-time high.

“My dad always told me to never let one person determine your future,” Baker said. “He meant that you should never let somebody shape your future, because your future is bigger than that person. You should never do something because of somebody else. That’s probably the best advice I’ve gotten from anybody.”