Charlie Adami: Don’t judge a tweet by it’s chirp

We’ve all done it in some part of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. There has been a point in time where we have put a label on somebody without actually knowing their background, or who they actually are. Everybody in society does it, and it happens a lot more times than it doesn’t.

 Sophomore Charlie Adami feels like a lot of people judge him before they get a chance to know him, but little do they know that he’s probably one of the best academic students in his class with the right head on his shoulders.

“I’m in the IB program,” Adami said. “I think that I have more potential academically than to just take normal class. I also felt like if I got in it then it would keep me grounded, and out of trouble.”

Adami attended Nolan Catholic private school in Fort Worth last year, and is fairly happy with the transition simply because of the way Denton High operates.

“At Nolan a lot of teachers were breathing down my neck, and I didn’t like that,” Adami said. “I’m more of a self-motivated person, so that made me not want to do my work. Here the teachers are a lot more laid back, and I like that type of freedom.”

Outside of the school walls, Adami gets involved with music. You might think he plays the guitar, or is in a local band, but he actually is in something much more common with teenagers.

“I’m involved in music, and I rap,” Adami said. “I do local freestyle with a mic I have. When I’m not doing that, I’m probably hanging out with friends. That’s pretty much all I do.”

The best advice someone has given me is not to care what people think,”

— Charlie Adami

Along with the rapping, Adami is really involved in social media. Twitter is used by almost every high school student in America, but it could also create a lot of stereotypes because of what you tweet.

“I like social media because I think it gives you a voice,” Adami said. “Like if I didn’t have a twitter people wouldn’t know what I stand for.  Sometimes I post funny stuff, but a lot of times I just post how I really feel.”

Adami is well aware of how people feel about him. It doesn’t bother him though because he knows who he is, and the people who label him, are the ones who have never had a conversation with him.

“I think I’m an upbeat person, but a lot of people think that I’m a very mean person,” Adami said. “But once people actually get to know me, I’m a really nice person. I’m always down to help people out, but a lot people label me as a bad person.”

Adami simply doesn’t care, and there is no reason for him to, because he is the one that is controlling his own destiny at the end of the day. His best advice helps him when it comes to that.

“The best advice someone has given me is not to care what people think,” Adami said. “People are going to tell you things. Even the most successful people have had people talk down to them so you have to continue doing your own thing.”