Leo Schaller: New things and new adventures


Every one dreams of seeing new things and facing new adventures, luckily for Leo Schaller this dream has come true.

Senior Leo Schaller is only in America until April 7th, but he’s enjoying every moment he has left until he leaves. He likes the open mindedness of America and how happy everyone is to see him when he walks into the school.

“Everyone here in America is always so happy,” Schaller said. “They always have smiles on their faces.”

He’s been here less than a month and he’s already made friends with many of the other students in the school, including senior Michael Adami.

Everyone thinks I’m an exchange student, but that’s not the case,”

— Leo Schaller

“He fits in with all of the kids here very well,” Adami said. “Besides the accent. That still needs a little work, but it’s not a big deal.”

Leo is basically the same as all the other students in the school.

“One funny thing I noticed was his view on cars,” Adami said. “Most people in France can’t drive because they don’t have cars, but he really finds it amazing that we can drive.”

Although Leo is only staying for a short while, he is not an exchange student.

“My father is here for business so I followed him,” Schaller said. “Everyone thinks I’m an exchange student, but that’s not the case.”

Leo is enjoying school here quite a lot. He likes his classes, friends, and the schedule he has to follow.

“In France, school is really boring but here it is amazing,” Schaller said. “In France class begins at 8 A.M. and here it begins at 9 A.M., which is really good because I can sleep more.”