Logan Dorsey


Photo by: Austin Pugh

Logan Dorsey, Junior, is not one to stray from activities. Logan is actively involved in many sports and organizations.

Mo Diop, Staff Writer

Sophomore Logan Dorsey just likes to have fun.

He is an inside linebacker on the football team, is a paintball player on the weekends, and hopes to add baseball to his repertoire.

“I  just really like to stay active and keep busy,” Dorsey said. “I like baseball but I’ve never really played it. I’m not sure if I want to play, because like if I started right now it might be too late.”

Along with high hopes to play baseball, Dorsey is a linebacker who started on the Broncos JV A-team this year, and wants to play running back in the future.

“I used to play running-back but I can’t play that anymore because there is too much talent at that position,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey is just like any other human being who enjoys doing other things than just sports and going to school. His favorite thing to to eat is pasta that his mom makes.

“My mom makes a whole bunch of different kinds of pastas,” Dorsey said. “She makes pasta and puts like five different types of cheeses and chicken so I guess you could call them Fettuccine or Chicken Alfredo.”

Every summer Logan takes a break from all the school work and extra activities. He enjoys his time with his family and is always excited about traveling to new  places.

“Last summer was probably the most fun I’ve ever had,” Dorsey said.”I went to South Carolina and I had a great time with my family, we did so much. I can’t wait to see where we are going to go this year.”

This summer he’s also planning on taking a vacation with his family and they’re aiming on going to LA to check out Hollywood, the beach, and casinos.

“Were planning on going everywhere.” Dorsey said, “I want to go visit downtown LA and explore the city and also go take a tour around Staples Center.”

Dorsey has big plans in the future when it comes to the football team and head coach Kevin Atkinson keeps them motivated.

“The other day Coach Atkinson said ‘why not us?,’ basically why can’t we be the best?”