Macie Wilson


You’re walking down the hallway, and you see an average height blonde girl. She doesn’t look any different than the most kids you’ve seen around school and you would never guess that her dad is the reason why most of your teachers have a job.

Having transferred from Keller, sophomore Macie Wilson hasn’t had a tough transition, rather an easy one. She likes Denton High a lot more than her last and the biggest plot twist is her dad is the Superintendent of Denton ISD.

“I’ve been planning to come here since my dad first got the job as the Superintendent,” Wilson said. “It’s pretty cool to meet new friends, and go to a new school where everybody is cool.”

           You’d think that since Wilson is the daughter of the Superintendent, she would likely get a dose of special treatment, but that’s not the case. Teachers just see her as another student in the classroom.

           “I get treated basically like any other kid in the school,” Wilson said. “I don’t think they really know because I haven’t flat out told anyone that I’m the superintendent’s daughter.”

           Denton High is known for the excellence in academics throughout its students, and is the main reason why Wilson made the transition. She felt that if she came to Denton High, her grades were bound to get a lot higher.

           The only negative about her attending DHS is the drive. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get from Keller to Denton. With that in mind, the travel time in a day could be anywhere from one to three hours. Unfortunately for Wilson, she doesn’t have straight shot to school and back.

            “I ride with my dad every morning and I leave around 7:20 and I go to Lexi Atkinson’s house, and she takes me to school,” Wilson said. “After school she takes me to my dad’s office on her way home, and I leave with my dad from his office.”

            Atkinson and Wilson both share the common bond of being cheerleaders. They are both former Keller Indians, and are now planning to be future cheerleaders for the same school next year.

            “I was a cheerleader when I was at Keller,” Wilson said. “In my spare time I like to do tumbling and jumping for cheer. Next year I plan on trying out for the cheerleading team.”

            Although adjusting to a new school is going to take some time, Wilson is very confident that she made the right decision when choosing to transfer. She already has found her place at Denton High.

            “The biggest difference would probably be that everyone is a lot nicer here at Denton High,” Wilson said. “Everyone at Keller is a lot more judgmental”