37 Students Recognized By College Board

A district conference was held where all 22 AP scholars, eight AP scholars with honor, six AP scholars with distinction and one national AP scholar from our school along with students from other schools in the district were recognized for their academic achievements.

The 22 AP Scholars are Malik Bajunaid, Sucharita Banerjee, Celeste Chappel, Aleena Chaudhary, Jeremy Clark-McKay, Hannah Dooley, James Elliot, Luke Fleitman, Emmanuel Giah, Greyson Harris, Gunnison Hays, Nicholas Hines, Ashley Lee, Everest Merki, Alana Park, Bongkotchano Puttihanasorn, Lucija Ruzevic, Rasil Sajid, Bret Sorrells, Braden Sweeten, Elizabeth Thorp, and Rebekah Wagner. These students earned a score of three on at least three exams.

Junior Gunnison Hays, who scored a five on the AP Human Geography test his freshman year, a five on the AP world history test and a three on the Macroeconomics test his sophomore year, has enjoyed being an AP scholar here.

“I feel like the learning environment and staff here at Denton High School has really helped me to become an AP scholar,” Hays said, “ They have pushed me to earn distinctions within the AP scholar program.”

The following students who received an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams were rewarded AP Scholars with Honor: Jacob Maltz, Calista Martin, Jean Sanchez, Merrick Seeley, Brandy Sorrells, Michael Steward, John Taliaferro and Thomas Wallace.

The AP Scholar with Distinction award is given to students who achieve an average score of 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on at least five exams. Our AP Scholars with distinction are Seniors Brendon Bown, Joseph Heffley, Zoe Hensley, Haining Liu, Kesavan Srivilliputhur and Gabriela Upchurch.

Senior Kesavan Srivilliputhur, with seven fours and two fives on eight exams, earned the National AP Scholar award which is granted to students who have an average score of four at least four exams taken. Initially with an average of 3.7 between freshman and sophomore year, and currently with a 4.1, Srivilliputhur has also been an AP Scholar with distinction twice throughout high school.

Benefitted by his sub and main score on the AP Calculus test, Srivilliputhur advices students to prepare accordingly and adjust habits to make the testing process efficient and less stressing.

“Using time wisely and completing homework along with other assignments will definitely help people get at least passing scores on exams.” Srivilliputhur said, “Studying and prioritizing and taking advantage of all resources really does help.”