Top 10 tips to help prepare you for your final

Sarah Skinner, Staff Writer

During this coming week, students will be studying and taking the final exam. To get through this week of stress, sleepless nights here are 10 tips to help students to stay organized and awake to pass the test!

    1. 30-50/10: According to, this method is used by several college students. What the tactic suggests for students to do is to study for 30-50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Students then still have plenty of time to study each topic but it won’t wear you out as quickly.
    2. STAYING AWAKE: When it comes to taking tests or studying it can be very tiring . No matter how many shots of espresso  have had today it just won’t cut it. To kill fatigue (1) eat healthy snacks instead of the fatty stuff. Digesting food is the most tiring process for the body by eating healthy food it help keep the body awake and ready to work.(2) Drink LOTS of water, dehydration can cause fatigue. (3) Try a quick walk. It helps to get blood pumping to your brain.
    3. STUDY GROUPS: As great as study groups are be in a good group that can help and get things done. Hanging out with friends is fun but now is not the time, there will be all christmas break to hang out and even better not at a study group. Study, work hard and get things done.
    4. TIME MANAGEMENT: Although people think students have all the time in the world sadly… they DON’T. To maximize their time buckle down and figure out what needs to studied the most. For example if Algebra ll is easy but chemistry is a tough subject then find a friend who is good at Chemistry and form a study group. Also Youtube has great tutorials if study groups don’t work out.
    5. MAKE A LIST: Don’t let stress take over, this step will help. Try writing everything that NEEDS to be done on paper and then as it gets done scribble it out, it shows how much has been accomplished and shows visually what has to be done next.
    6. DO THE MATH: If the students overall grade is relying on the Final Exam Test Grade than students can plug the grade they would like to have in the class into the equation and find out what they need to get overall on the test. The grade they want in the class-.8 (the average of the students two 9 weeks grades) divided by .2. The resulting number will give the student what is needed to reach their goal grade for the class.
    7. RELAX: Do not stress over this test. No matter how hard it is stay positive, “Some days you have to create your own sunshine.” (Quote by Sam Sundquist) Remember winter break is almost here, just make it one more week then relax, drink all the hot chocolate and apple cider possible.
    8. KNOW THE SCHEDULE: Do not cram for Physics the night before the test. Decide what days studying which classes would be best. Here is a link to the Final Exams Schedule, so print it off and organize the students studying days.
    9. ON/OFF: When studying turn keep distractions to a minimum by keeping brains on and phones off. As much fun as “Trivia Crack” is it’s a distraction and it won’t allow focused studying. After studying students can look forward to playing on their phones but remember the test is knowledge from school not who is the best trivia player.
    10. DO THE REVIEWS: The reviews are given out to help prepare students for the test. A lot of the time the tests are very similar to the review. Don’t wait to do the reviews last second. If students have a question then they want to be able to ask their teacher and figure out how to do the problem.